About Us

About Us


Established in 2007 with a clear vision of offering smart services to serve intelligent individuals and organizations, anywhere, anytime. We sustained a high growth rate by increasing our business capacity while launching new ventures to rank among the best specialized mobile service providers in the region with timely delivery, economical pricing and trusted methodologies.


With its headquarter in Cairo, Egypt, Razy Technologies (RazyTech) is a group of companies with representative offices in the USA, UAE and KSA. The thing that enables our 800 employees to operate effectively and launch multiple success stories such as E-Masary with a successful exit valued at $20M, iMakaseb for Loyalty & Promotions Solutions, Papyrus Egypt, and Minds Outsourcing serving a wide range of clients across the MENA region, Africa and Asia. Razy Technologies is a licensed GSM Value Added Service Provider by the National Telecommunications Regulator Affairs of the Republic of Egypt, offering top-notch VAS solutions to local and regional clients with a deep believe in making use of the latest technology trends alongside with the outsourcing and customer loyalty services.


Razy Technologies (RazyTech) is a corporate with headquarter



Currently, the company provides an integrated range of solutions to the brands in the region that supports customer base growth and sales increase with a dedication to attach potential buyers with brands & provide innovative sustainable tech solutions.
Razy Technologies kept its exponential growth rate in the regional market with a unique offering and many competitive edges in the market, the powerful factors that empowered the services growth rate and successful exit of some ventures.

We are tech savvy people with endless passion to innovation and disruption, the thing that position Razy Technologies as one of the main key players in the MENA region.