An International Coffee Brand to Engage Digitally with 5 million consumers in 4 months

An International Coffee Brand to Engage Digitally with 5 million consumers in 4 months

A successful promotion is one which has mutual economic benefits for both parties. You are looking to increase your bottom line by getting your existing customers to repurchase. Your customer base is looking for their loyalty to be rewarded, which can often take the form of financial incentives to repurchase when you get it right, it is a win-win scenario. By understanding and then fulfilling your customers' needs on a regular basis, you will engender long-term customer loyalty.

Prior to using the services of iMakaseb, the coffee brand used the traditional way of distributing prizes employed for rewards using physical gifts, it was a nightmare, it was also characterized by a lot of shortcomings, cases of lost prizes and theft were a commonplace, it was impossible to keep a record of consumers using their products, there were no criteria or indicators for measuring the success of any previous promotion conducted, there was a lack of innovative tools needed to enhance their competitive position to help in future plans and forecasts.

Through the collaboration of iMakaseb, the coffee brand's marketing executives were able to leverage online analytics and dashboard which resulted in building a consumer database and insights for future CRM activities, increased sales and increased efficiency in marketing spending, to the fact that they restructured all their media communication spending, all these were possible with access to consumer insights, analytics, and predictions.

Mobile customers were encouraged to send a Unique Code printed inside the Coffee sachets to a short-code. The incentive to take action was the chance to win a free mobile Top-Up, Free branded digital content or a grand prize car!

The result of the digital reward was reaching and gaining 5 million consumers in four short months and unprecedented 100K SMS peak traffic in just one day from one country. Within the same four months, 7 million transaction records were observed, a feat that was hitherto impossible without iMakaseb's oversight of loyalty and promotion rewards, these huge recorded transactions would not have been possible with the traditional way of distributing prizes and incentives.

Traditional methods posed a lot of inefficiencies and delays in launching, iMakaseb leverage modern digital online marketing tools to deliver outstanding results.

iMakaseb is specialized in omni-channel consumer engagement channels for physical products sold in retail and supermarkets. As industry leaders for over 6 years, this company was built to coordinate and orchestrate your marketing campaigns. The platform provides a flexible way to manage your relationships across the entire customer life-cycle. The solutions give you a 360° view of customer data, allowing you to plan and deliver personalized and real-time marketing communications resulting in greater marketing effectiveness.

iMakaseb's platform delivers the following powerful tools:

360° management of customer data

Omni-channel campaign management, like SMS, Mobile Application, QR Code, POS integration, Chatbots, Social Network Applications.

Statistical and behavioral analysis with real-time data.

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