Brand Success: Only with the right consumer data

Brand Success: Only with the right consumer data

But how do you measure consumer retention and sales? Many brands still stick to outdated methods of gathering data that are unreliable and unsuccessful, reward programs provide little benefit in tracking consumer happiness, printed coupons frequently get lost and are difficult for consumers to keep track of and are even harder for businesses to keep track of, it becomes even worse when global companies must keep track of all their regional promotions, some businesses have overcome these issues with their own satisfactory, albeit expensive and ineffective solutions.

What is most surprising is brands and businesses continue to fail to utilize the one thing each customer possesses and uses daily, their phones. Whether receiving coupons, promotions, or entries into sweepstakes, case studies have shown that customer-business engagement increases dramatically. Consumers are actually 77% more likely to redeem a digital coupon over a paper coupon, providing drastic differences in results for those merchants, this has a significant impact on increasing sales and potentially improving brand’s margins.

Why stop there? SMS and social media are all powerful tools that leading companies are using to connect with their consumers, but many fail to use their true benefits beyond consumer engagement. When potential consumers are sent free top-ups, digital content, and the chance to win grand prizes for buying your brands, satisfaction increases among end-consumers. This engagement carries valuable data that can be used to analyze behavior and predict purchasing patterns and future decisions. With this data, our customers can realize tremendous gains. In just a few case studies, our customers who sell consumer goods such as international coffee, cosmetic, and biscuit brands have seen the overall traffic of 20 million transactions in four months just in Egypt. Another brand saw new user growth estimated at 450,000 on their Facebook promotion application installed on their fan page. These results are through SMS and Facebook alone as digital channels. The possibility of future growth based on additional technologies and analyses is an additional value that can be obtained through:

Effective tracking of product use and purchase

Extensive analysis of key performance indicators

Enhanced competitive positioning

More efficient and affordable services when compared to expensive internal information systems and resources

Consumers want more than just the products they buy; they want engagement. Our customers see significant boosts in consumer engagement, thus they’re always at the forefront of the competition.

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