Leveraging Cloud Services Results in Seamless Distribution of Lubricant Oil in MENA

Leveraging Cloud Services Results in Seamless Distribution of Lubricant Oil in MENA

The demand for cloud services has continued to increase by leaps and bounds over the years. Many companies are leveraging cloud services because of their desire to grant their users easy access to applications, resources and services.

Cloud services solutions enable the company’s IT department to focus on providing and delivering value, instead of wasting time on maintaining and updating the technology infrastructure. Cloud services ensure the safety and optimum performance the data processing.

Leveraging cloud services is the new competitive edge to accelerate business growth as evident in the case of distribution of German Manufactured Lubricant Vehicle Oil in MENA. Initially, the company met a roadblock in their attempts to make an inroad into the Middle East and North Africa market. Prior to leveraging cloud services of iMakaseb, the German Company was oblivious of the challenges that the traditional route of distributing their products posed to distribution efficiency.

The German Lubricant Oil Distribution Challenges

The ease of accessibility, which the cloud service offers is a core challenge for many companies. The business goal of a German Company regional headquarter in UAE is to distribute their oil in seven countries within the Middle East. However, the company had no clue what is going on in the distribution channels because:

There was no track or record of consumers using their products

There were no measurement mechanisms or success indicators on any promotion they were conducting.

They suffered from counterfeit products

They lack innovative technological tools needed to enhance their competitive position and help them in future plans and forecasts

No visibility of the distribution network

A traditional way of distributing prizes or loyalty rewards using physical gifts was a nightmare and had lots of inefficiencies

They found it tough and hectic to run promotions across different countries due to tough logistics and operation

Understanding the many issues confronting the German Oil Company from the security of products to mobility and accessibility, iMakaseb worked on disrupting the distribution channels from “orthodox” to “digital” while enabling channel partners to address the “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” surrounding product distribution to their customers.

To overcome the challenges, iMakaseb developed a branded loyalty mobile application for the distribution channels with all the hierarchical levels, along with pointing system linked to each carton or ballet using unique QR Codes. An analytics dashboard was provided to the commercial team to know who is selling what, when, and where, which helped them dramatically reshape their distribution strategy and efficiency.

iMakaseb was able to harness Cloud Services for the company to provide:

Increased efficiency and reduction of overhead costs of the business enterprise.

Increased Productivity and Competitiveness through enhanced Business Strategy

Management of data to combine the applications installed on the company's systems with online services through a flexible solution that covers every need.

Connection with the distribution network to provide better service to the customers.

Prompt receipt and resolution of all customer's inquiries via in-app messages.

Locations of all Product Retailers & Distributors to provide the information to the company’s customers through an active map.

Presentation of products promotional offers.

Distribution of instant micro-incentives to the retail network as redemption of their collected loyalty points.

iMakaseb helped the regional Headquarter to discover hidden patterns, drive strategic business decisions, accelerate business growth and build a competitive edge for the lubricant oil brand in the Middle East and North Africa. An Immense value was provided for the business to reach its full potential.

iMakaseb helps decision makers to work smarter and realize the power of their data with state-of-the-art data infrastructure. iMakaseb analyses, simplifies and visualizes data, to present information that is easily accessible and understandable. iMakaseb also ignites innovative thinking, drives business decisions, accelerates productivity, and transforms data in precise, effective and unambiguous way.

iMakaseb's platform delivers the following powerful tools:

360° management of customer data

Omni-channel campaign and distribution management, Product identifications, Mobile Application, and QR Code.

Statistical and behavioral analysis with real-time data.

For more details about iMakaseb cloud services, visit iMakseb.com.

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