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Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled by various classroom teachers and/or school administration throughout the school year. These trips are designed to supplement different aspects of classroom curricula and to introduce students to the resources of the community. Parents will receive notice of a field trip and its cost well in advance of the scheduled trip date and will be asked to sign the field trip permission form and return it to the school.

Academic Year 2012-2013

First Trip: Plein Air

Grades:  Elementary School

Location Description:  kids are invited to enjoy themselves, to play and to have fun, to breathe fresh air in a spacious green Landscape. With the help of a professional team and a special program of activities, they will build their bodies, broad their minds, discover their abilities and talents and they will have a new approach to nature.


  • Wall painting
  • sand drawings
  • Gypsum coloring
  • Stencil on fabrics
  • Planting in small pots
  • A Variety of Games & Competitions

Trip Photos: